Yale Rigaku Symposium 2014 Workshops

Title: Advanced X-ray diffraction techniques 
Description: A wide variety of X-ray diffraction techniques beyond simple powder diffraction have become easily accessible on automated multipurpose X-ray diffractometers in recent years. Those techniques include parallel beam powder/polycrystalline diffraction measurements, thin film grazing incidence measurements, and single crystal high resolution diffraction measurements. Those advanced techniques, as well as the classic powder diffraction measurements, will be demonstrated in this workshop using the multipurpose X-ray diffractometer, SmartLab, and user guidance data acquisition software, SmartLab Guidance.

Single Crystal 
Title: How to grapple with problematic data: solutions to twinning and disorder in crystallography 
Description: Our small molecule, single crystal workshop will be presented in two parts. The first section will detail how to identify, collect data on, and process a twinned crystal. We will examine real examples of twinned and single crystals in Yale's brand new X-ray facility. In the second section, we will discuss the creation and refinement of a disordered model. Attendees are requested to supply their own computers for the workshop. Prior to your arrival, the workshop organizers will contact you and provide the software necessary to participate.